OZ Sensor 'X' - Heavy Duty External 'X' TPMS Systems


Introducing Oz Sensor 'X' by Zylux, a fully customisable External Tyre Pressure & Temperature Monitoring System for Trucks, Buses, Commercial Fleets and more! Ensuring the safety and timeliness of your trips is our top priority. With our TPMS for fleets, you can experience enhanced safety as it prevents dangerous blow-outs, improves braking distance, enhances vehicle handling. By implementing our groundbreaking TPMS system, you can also significantly reduce operating costs. Avoid costly downtime, save fuel, and extend the lifespan of your tyres. Not only will this benefit your business financially, but it will also contribute to reducing your company's carbon footprint.

Oz Sensor Fleet TPMS

Our cutting-edge auto-learn sensor technology and flow through design ensures a hassle-free installation process. Simply screw on the location specific sensor and the system will automatically learn the sensor without the need for any special programming tools or procedures. With our OEM designed external sensor, a quick and easy installation can be completed in as little as one minute per wheel - no need to dismount the tyres.

Oz Sensor Flow Through Tyre Pressure Sensor

The flow-through design sensor allows for easy inflation without dismounting the sensor, providing added convenience. It transmits both pressure and temperature readings, with a remarkable capacity of up to 180 PSI @ 433MHz. The battery life exceeds 5 years. Plus, the sensor's alert mode effectively detects leakages, ensuring prompt attention to potential issues. Rest assured, our automotive qualified sensor boasts a robust brass body and stem for durability. The tyre temperature sensing can also help pick up any hub related temperature issues.

Oz Sensor Road Train TPMS


Wireless Sensors

Tyre Pressure & Temperature Sensors. Monitor 150 + Wheels, Multiple Trailers (up to 6) with multiple External 'X' type sensor options to choose from.

Z-Box - Transceiver Module

CAN, RS232, RS485 and 2.4GHz comms for telematics integration (BLE mesh network between transceivers / booster).

Display Options

Stand Alone Monitor.
Android, IOS Application.
Supports Telematics Integration.

Key Features

  • Australian Designed & Patent Pending.
  • Unique Flow through design sensor, no dismounting to inflate tyres.
  • Monitors Tyre Pressure & Temperature.
  • Monitor up to 158 Wheels.
  • Supports Trucks and up to 6 Trailers.
  • Automatic Trailer detection, connection and ordering.
  • Automatic replacement sensor learning.
  • Supports multiple communication protocols for Telematics / Cloud integration.
  • Ability to integrate 3rd Party Sensors devices. (IE Hubodometers)
  • Fully updatable firmware (Future Proof Technology).
  • Customisable to suit any application.

    Accessing TPMS data?

    So, how can you access and utilise the data collected by our TPMS system? It's simple. Our intelligent transceiver which is mounted to each Truck and Trailer can integrate with any existing telematics system, transmitting the data directly to an in-cab monitor or any smartphone or tablet. Additionally, it can provide drop and hook automatic trailer detection and connection functionality, ensuring comprehensive coverage and tracking for all your assets.
    The transceiver box supports various communication technologies, including CAN*, RS232, RS485, and BLE 2.4GHz comms for telematics integration. With an automotive qualified and IP69-rated construction, it can withstand harsh conditions and a wide temperature range from -40°C(-40°F) to 85°C (185°F). You can configure and customise the system seamlessly through a smartphone or tablet, making it incredibly customisable. You can also assign an Asset ID/Name to every Transceiver to keep on track of your asset management.


    In Cab Monitor

    Oz Sensor ‘X’ optional in cab monitor can alert the driver to a Low Pressure, High Pressure or High Temperature issue with a tyre.


    Workshop Installer and Display Application

    The Oz Sensor feature packed IOS/Android application can be used for configuring units, programming sensors and features or for reading / displaying the TPMS data from any vehicle / asset within range.

    Service & Installation

    The effectiveness of the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system is directly dependent on the quality of the installation and service. To ensure convenient installation and maintenance, Zylux has created a tool and service kit specifically for the Oz-Sensor 'X' system. This comprehensive kit includes tools for seamless sensor fitting or replacement, as well as O-ring replacement if necessary.

    Oz Sensor TPMS Tool and Service Kit

    For further information regarding the Truck, Trailer, Bus Heavy Duty External TPMS solutions, please feel free to contact us.

    Download OZ-Sensor 'X' Fleet Brochure


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